Who we are

The National Steering Committee for Intensive French is a voluntary group of professionals involved in implementing and administrating Intensive French programs in their jurisdiction, at the provincial or territorial level, or at the school district level where there is no provincial coordination of the Intensive French program. The committee also includes independent consultants who are trained in the Neurolinguistic Approach and have been involved implementing the program in schools. 

Represented at our annual meeting in Ottawa in October 2015, as per the above picture, were the following jurisdictions: Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Yukon, New Brunswick, The Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut and Alberta.

Our purpose

The purpose of the organization is to provide the most effective Intensive French program for schools cross Canada, and to coordinate information on the resources developed and used in the program. We provide information about the Intensive French Program, and can also make arrangements for training sessions, and other workshops. 

What we do

We share documents, teaching materials and research that has been developed in any jurisdiction on the Intensive French program, and we undertake joint projects in order to develop needed resources or initiate required research.

We also produce a newsletter four times a year, which is distributed to interested professionals throughout the school systems in Canada.

You may consult the latest version of the Infolettre here.

Copies of previous INFOLETTRES may be found here:


The group is a voluntary one.  Any projects undertaken are financed on a partnership basis by the participants.


The next annual meeting of the National Intensive French Steering Committee will be held on September 27, 2017 at the Delta Hotel, Ottawa, in the Cartier Room. See below for details.

Annual National Intensive French Steering Committee Meeting (NLA)


Date :

 September 27, 2017

Location :


Hotel :

Cartier Room, Delta Hotel


10:00 -11:45

 General Meeting and Elections:

13:15 -17:00

New Executive:

18:30 -2:30


Should you wish to become a member of the group, please consult a member of the Executive Committee. 

A copy of the Constitution may be consulted here.

Recent Activities

Senate Committee on Official Languages

Claude Germain, one of the co-developers of the Neurolinguistic Approach was invited to address the Senate Committee on Official Languages.

A copy of his presentation may be found here.

National Meeting of those responsible for French Programs at the provincial and territorial level

The President of the Steering Committee for Intensive French was invited to participate at this meeting. The possibility of undertaking a joint research project was discussed.

Oral Proficiency Criteria

Generally, the evaluation instrument used in the Intensive French classes is the Oral Proficiency Interview developed by the ACTFL for New Brunswick.  However, as many jurisdictions in Canada are moving towards using the CEFR, various initiatives have been undertaken to establish correlations between the two systems.

Reading Proficiency Criteria

New Brunswick is in the process of developing reading comprehension proficiency criteria for the Intensive French Program. Some of the criteria are aligned with those of the CEFR.

Writing Proficiency Criteria 

The Yukon is in the process of refining the writing criteria for the Intensive French Program also incorporating some aspects of the CEFR

Executive Committee

President: Lyne Montsion, NB (Independent Consultant)

Vice-president: Pascal St-Laurent, YK

Secretary: David Macfarlane, NB (Independent Consultant)

Members at large: Jean-Marie Mariez, NWT; Fiona Stewart, NB; Linda Osborne, SK.