The Neurolinguistic Approach has been used in China since 2010 to teach young adults French at South China Normal University, Guangzhou/Canton. The Chinese students take a two-year program with courses based on the NLA.  Since 2014, there has also been an experimental project established at the college (senior high school) level in Nanhai, near Guangzhou. More than a hundred students each year participate as part of a three-year preparation for their acceptance at a university in France. There are also projects being developed with adults in Japan and Taiwan. 

In March 2015, a training session (of eight hours a day for three days), was organized in Japan by Olivier Massé, of the French Institute of Tokyo. This training session was offered to 30 teachers of French as a foreign language from different cities in Japan. As this session targeted specifically teachers who work with adult learners, two teaching units developed for use in Canadian schools, as well as the Introduction to the Teachers’ Guide, were revised by Joan Netten and Claude Germain, in order to adapt them to an adult milieu. As a result of this training session, it may be predicted that the NLA will very soon be introduced on an experimental basis in several institutions in Japan catering to adult learners.

Hidé receiving his Certificate from Claude


Facilitators: Lyne, Claude, Sandy, Vi-Tri, Inès and Pascal 


Group picture


Claude and Olivier Massé, principal training session organizer


Videos of a Symposium on NLA, held at an International Colloquium in November 2013 in Guangzhou, China, may be viewed by clicking on the links below. (Please note that videos are French-only):


"Cadre théorique"

"Cinq principes"

"Adaptation du contexte"

"Évaluation de l'ANL"

"Extrait du symposium"

"Français intensif au Canada"