“It is a win-win situation. It is an experience they shouldn’t miss.“
“It is a wonderful opportunity. I want all of my children to have this experience. “
“It was very exciting for him to learn a new language, therefore, I believe it was a confidence builder.”
"My son never wants to miss a day of school. He is having so much fun while learning so much."
"This experience has had a positive impact on the whole family. My daughter in Grade 3 wants to know everything her brother learns every day in IF so she can teach her classmates and my daughter in Grade 9 Core French comes to her brother to get help! You can imagine the effect this has had on his self-esteem."
- Parents’ comments


“Intensive French is a way we can become bilingual faster.”
“It is a new way to learn French that is fun and has lots of things to do.”
“At first I was scared to start Intensive French. After just two weeks, I saw that it was okay to make mistakes and that people could still understand me. Now I like speaking French in front of people.” 
- Students’ comments