Participating in a Training Session

To learn how to use the teaching strategies that are necessary to make the approach work, teachers need to participate in a training session. Few Faculties of Education offer teacher training in the NLA, even though there are many school districts that require teachers with this training. Currently, as far as is known, the following universities offer courses on the NLA:

  • Western University, Ontario, offers a credited training session for teachers of Intensive French during a summer session. For more information, contact France Dupuis.
  • University of British Columbia: contact Linda Osborne.
  • University of Regina, Saskatchewan: contact Linda Osborne.
  • Memorial University, Newfoundland and Labrador: contact Gennita Bartlett
  • Université Laval, Québec, has recently begun to offer credited training sessions: contact Steeve Mercier


Training sessions are also offered by provincial or territorial Departments/Ministries of Education or by school districts. Normally, these training sessions are given every summer either in one five-day session, or in a two-day session followed by another three days in the early fall. Consult the French Program Specialist at the provincial/territorial Departments/ Ministries of Education, or consult the website for CASLT (The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers) where details about these summer sessions are published. 

Summer 2018 Training Sessions

12 to 14 March: Calgary School Board (Ruth Radetzky)

23 July to August 4: Western University French Immersion School (France Dupuis)

13 to 17 August: Whitehorse, Ministry of Education (Pascal St. Laurent)

Teachers who attend one of the training sessions receive a copy of the Teachers’ Guide for Intensive French, which contains all the instructional units and suggestions for the content of each lesson. There is a guide for each level of the program: Pre-Intensive French, Intensive French, Post-Intensive French I, II, and III, and Post-Intensive French IV, V, VI and VII. The guides are only distributed to those teachers who have participated in a training session.

All teaching materials are in French. However, the introduction to the Teachers’ Guide, written by the co-authors of the program, is available in English, courtesy of the Province of New Brunswick, and may be consulted here: New Brunswick Guide for Post Intensive French in the Middle School.

To be able to offer a training session, it is necessary to have taken a training session designed for NLA teacher-trainers. Such a training session can be organized upon request. For more information, contact one of the following persons:

Stephanie Burke
André Charlebois 
France Dupuis 
David Macfarlane  
Lyne Montsion
Linda Osborne 
Ruth E. Radetzky 
Fiona Stewart